Wakeboarding For Beginners

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Wakeboards for Beginners - THE BASICS OF BUYING A WAKEBOARD

Firstly, the best wakeboards for beginners will be the one that works for you – so begin by identifying your riding ‘genre’ if you like.  Are you solely in the park, or behind a boat, or do you mix it up?  This will allow you to select a cable, boat or all terrain style of board.

Next it’s time to decide on your level.  This is where there is most scope to make a mistake.  Many customers make a purchase on where they want their riding to be, rather than where it actually is, or where it’s close to.  Yes, it is a good idea if you are progressing fast to choose a board that you can grow into, but don’t shoot too far too early!  The best piece of advice is to be realistic, as this will ultimately get you the best purchase and therefore value for money.

At this stage you’ll probably have a few models in mind, perhaps across a few brands.  Independent reviews are an excellent guide at this stage to help you narrow down your choice.

Wakeboards for Beginners


These tend to be stiffer, giving you maximum energy out of the board, they are slightly more heavy duty due to the more aggressive style or riding behind a boat.  Boat wakeboards will have fins of varying sizes / shapes.


Cable wakeboards are generally softer in flex, very often with no or removable fins.  This gives a more relaxed feel behind the cable. Wake park boards come with a more durable base and reinforced sidewalls, this helps with the durability when hitting obstacles.


So you ride behind a boat and love to hit the cable too, its an expensive undertaking to have two specific boards, this is where a hybrid board can work perfectly.

Flex is designed to be softer at the tips, allowing you to press out on obstacles, while the mid section of the board is stiffer, allowing plenty of aggressive pop when hitting wake.



Picking a rocker can be tricky if you haven’t done it before. What is a rocker we hear you ask? It is is the curve in the board between the nose and tail. Quite simply the curve or side profile of the board. You will either find this described as ‘continuous’ or ‘3 stage’. Boards with more rocker have softer landings with more pop, while boards with less rocker have less drag, and will glide better.Wakeboard Rocker

If you're still undecided about what type of wakeboard would be best for you get in touch. One of the team would love to help.

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