SUP For Beginners

Find the perfect size & shape for your first SUP Board!


In general, there are 3 main classifications of boards - All-Round, Surf and Race.  So, your first decision will be based around this, most beginners are looking to start out on flat water and then maybe look to progress into small waves.  Not all SUP'ers wish to ride waves, this is the beauty of stand up paddle boarding, there are so many genres to enjoy for all abilities.

Most beginners will find themselves loking for an all-round board.  These tend to be slightly larger, in the region of 10 foot.  Slightly larger boards give you better glide, buoyancy and ultimately stability, making learning and progressing slightly easier.


Short Boards - Under 9ft - Excellent for surfing and more manoeuvrable.

Medium Boards - 9ft to 12ft - Ideal for all-round use (recommended for beginners).  Suitable for flat water or small waves.

Long Boards - 12ft+ - These are generally for either long distance paddling or racing.  Longer boards are faster with better glide.


Technology behind inflatable boards has progressed immensely over the last 3 or 4 years.  Inflatables are now lighter, stiffer and more durable than ever before, and effectively this brings them closer to the characteristics of a solid board.  Many would argue that there is virtually no difference between inflatable and solid boards, perhaps with the exception of surfing in waves medium+ size.

Undoubtedly, solid boards look and feel great, however bring their own challenges with transport and logistics - you need roof racks!  This is where an inflatable SUP can lead the way- they pack down and easily fit inside your car!

For beginners, an inflatable SUP is a great option for transport and durability.



Wave and Wake cover both areas of solid and inflatable boards by supplying the worlds leading manufacturers in each type of board.

SHOP NOW - Red Paddle Co - Dedicated specialists in Inflatable SUP’s and boast their Ride SUP as the World’s best selling SUP.

SHOP NOW - Starboard - They product both solid and inflatables.  Their solid boards are World famous, and the brand steeped in history.

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