Kitesurf Foiling - The Ultimate Guide For Beginners!

Slingshot have been leading the way with their kitesurf foiling programme. Starting with their flight school programme in 2016 as an easy entry for beginners to kitesurf foiling. Slingshot's 2019 foil product launch for kitesurfing, windsurfing and wake boarding is comprehensive to cover all abilities and disciplines. Industry leading development from a premium brand at an excellent price point!

Kitesurf Foiling


Kitesurf foiling - Slingshot have built the most all-round kitesurf foil package on the market, several mast sizes, multiple wing choices and adapters to fit all modern foil boards in a modular system that allows the user to swop wing / mast configurations with ease!  Let's take a look...

I'm a beginner - where do I begin?

FOIL SET-UP - HOVER GLIDE FKITE - Quite simply, the most beginner friendly set-up of the range.

Standard package mast height = 28' (also compatible with other sizes, 18", 24" and 35")

Mast height is an important consideration, as it varies the level of performance and severity of wipe outs! Small mast = easier to control, larger mast = more dynamic and higher performance. Working through your mast heights during your foiling progression are great milestones, and fast tracks your progress.

Front Wing (FKITE Package) = Space Skate 65cm (previously the H4 or Bat Wing) 

Larger front wing gives initial flight at slower speeds, everything is much easier and there is time to correct small errors in technique.  Not only is this wing perfect for first flight, learning to tack and gybe will undoubtedly happen sooner on the  Space Skate 65cm.

Foiling speed range = 10 - 16 knots

Slingshot kitesurf foiling package kitesurfing

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The FKITE kitesurf foiling package comes with the 28" mast, although you can add additional single masts, 18", 24" 28" and 35".

kitesurf foiling masts

Which foil board do I start out on? (We have 3 recommendations)

1. SLINGSHOT SIMULATORUltimate beginner friendly kitesurf foil board.

Full soft deck and rails prevent injury / impacts, good volume for touch and go riding, superb stability and gets planing super early.  There's no other board that will get you foiling sooner!

Who is this board for?  The perfect school board, for any beginner looking for the easiest entry into, predictable and stable!

simulator kitesurf foiling board

2. SLINGSHOT DWARFCRAFT 4'6" - User friendly all round kitesurf foil board for all abilities.

Your one board quiver option, superb for all levels of kitesurf foiling.  Stable yet responsive while allowing progression.

Who is this board for? - The rider looking for the one-size-fits-all board, learn, progress and advance foil in the Dwarfcraft 4'6.

dwarfcraft kitesurf foiling board

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3. SLINGSHOT ALIEN AIR - Freeride performance, stable and user friendly kitesurf foil board.

Proven all-round shape for versatile freeride performance kitesurf foiling. Agile turning and control due to the modern concave shape.

Who is this board for? - Riders looking for a slightly wider platform than the Dwarfcraft, this board will allow plenty of touch-and-go without throwing you off.

alien air kitesurf foiling

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What's next?

Ok, if you're on the Alien Air or Dwarfcraft, these boards will allow you to fulfil all your kitesurf foiling aspirations up to advanced freeriding.  If you are now foiling consistently at speed, perhaps tacking and gybing, you might be looking to push up the wind range and speed.  This is where the Slingshot modular system works perfectly and is extremely cost effective.

Consider adding that taller mast, or even better, a new front wing for higher performance. Riders will eventually build a wing 'quiver' for a range of conditions and even disciplines.

For 2019, Slingshot have a range of 4 front wings for kite foiling, ranging from the Space Skate 65cm (standard on the FKITE package), to the Time Code 68, Gamma 68 and high performance Warp Speed 65.  See comparison chart below for full details.  Again, all these can be bought as separates and swopped onto your existing fuselage.

slingshot kitesurf foiling wings

Wave & Wake have a huge range of kitesurf foil boards and packages to suit all abilities.

Currently, we have huge discounts on all 2017 foil boards and packages to get you started.

Look out for the 'Bat Wing' packages, as this wing is identical to the Space Skate, allowing the easiest route into foiling.  We also have multi mast / wing packages giving you your full wing quiver at huge discounts! (See below).

2019 Foil Packages

kite foil board package

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Kitesurf Foiling Selector Tool

Why not try out our brand new foil selector tool!

kitesurf foil foiling

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