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Did you know that the brands we represent aren't gender specific and can be enjoyed by everyone?

Following International Women's Day we've been thinking about Women & Watersports.

Women & Watersports | Airush Diamond Twin Tip Board

The reality is that most watersports including kitesurfing, wakeboarding and foiling are predominantly male dominated. However, we know plenty of kick-ass ladies who can shred & send it as hard as their male counterparts. And who are making serious waves in the watersport world!

The majority of our products can be enjoyed by female and male enthusiasts. While some have been designed, specifically with females in mind. Enjoy our pick of some of the top female focused gear from brands including Slingshot, ION, Dakine & Shinn.

Women & Watersports | Kitesurfing Kites

F One Bandit Kite Pink Flying

The F-One Bandit  is considered the best “one quiver kite” on the planet. And it continues to get better! Incredible control coupled with an unrivaled handling experience, the Bandit delivers - no matter what your level or style. Excellent responsiveness and maneuverability, think fighter jet instead of passenger plane!

Another versatile kite, designed with ladies in mind, is the Airush Diamond (and it's now on sale with 35% off - yay!). The Diamond Kite features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad range of kitesurfers – from performance freestylers to wave riders – while still being stable and user friendly enough for intermediate riders.

Airush Diamond Ladies Kite Flying


Women & Watersports | Female Kitesurf Harnesses

The ION SOL is a great all round ladies harness. It is the perfect companion for the freestyle orientated women. The Neo_Belt creates a smooth transition from the belt to the main body of the harness. This kitesurf harness enhances freedom of movement, as well as delivering a perfect fit with even more support. Hurry though - there's limited stock with 50% off!

The Dakine Wahine is a waist harness that features a new, women-specific, slim profile fit, for a snug and secure fit. High-rebound memory foam pillows are strategically located for comfort, while the back panel features a silicone print pattern to keep the harness in place, whether over a shirt or wetsuit, or against bare skin. A new Curv® composite flex shell is ergonomically designed to fit the natural curve of your back, for firm support with just the right amount of flex. The push button dual sport spreader bar (with option spreader bar compatibility) make the Wahine a super-versatile women's waist harness.

The UNION harness from Manera utilises advanced manufacturing processes, making it far lighter than other harnesses on the market.  While it's not a 'female only' harness we believe it's been created with female kitesurfers comfort in mind. It is based on the same core principal of load dispersion and offers extreme comfort, reliability, durability and unrivaled weight characteristics.

  • Down Hold System - there's nothing worse than a harness that rides up during your sessions. Manera developed the DOWN HOLD SYSTEM an asymmetrical attachment that distributes the forces downward. Secured in its original position, the hook does not ride back up.
  • Tuck Flaps - these aid the DOWN HOLD SYSTEM using the flaps on the ends of the spreader bar and inserted into the harness. Once the straps are tightened, they are compressed and locked. By stiffening the correction between the harness and the buckle, they prevent it from riding up.


Ladies Kitesurf Harnesses


Women & Watersports | Ladies Kiteboards

The Monkette Gumbubble is the Shinn honed to the demands of the fairer sex. This is a dream ride for both playful and demanding ladies alike, designed to offer high and accessible performance in a silky smooth package.

​Unashamedly born from the DNA of the Monk the Monkette brings ease, control and performance into the ladies kiteboard sector. What better excuse for his n' hers kitesurf boards!

Monkette Kiteboard Female Rider on Water

Wakeboards for Women

As quite rightly put by Slingshot - a travelling BFF! The Slingshot Contrast is a women’s board for girls with commitment issues. One day she loves cable, the next day she loves boat. Then suddenly the winch is tickling her fancy. For all these types, the Contrast is the answer.

This all round board is stiff enough for explosive pop on the boat but soft enough in the tips to lock into presses at the park.

Slingshot Contrast Ladies Wakeboard


For girls who get rad! The Slingshot Jewel bindings are a pro level boot for girls who can’t be bothered by the whole pink butterfly and sparkles campaign. This boot is high performance, tough, and durable, made for the full-time shredder.

Slingshot Jewel Bindings

Women & Watersports | Accessories

The Ride Engine changing poncho will have you warm, dry and stripping nude in lavish discretion. This hooded, knee-length pullover is made from a thick cotton-terrycloth blend. This  provides the perfect balance between comfort and outdoor utility.

The Ride Engine Elara wetsuit is the warmest one yet. Designed for foul weather, cold water conditions this 5/4 hooded suit provides comfort and flexibility.

Female watersport accessories

Don't forget - female kitesurfers and wakeboarders aren't restricted to 'female only' equipment. If you're thinking about new gear for 2019 get in touch with us - we love to chat!

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