Wakeboard Season is Approaching

Wakeboard season is nearly upon us. Make sure your gear is already to go!

Clear you calendar – wakeboard season is nearly upon us! April is usually the month when cable and boat lakes begin to open up again. Are you ready to dust off your board and crack out your wetsuit?


Wakeboard Season

Thinking about a new wakeboard for the 2019 wakeboard season?

We have a wide range of wakeboards for the new season from Slingshot and Liquid Force. A top selling boat wakeboard  in 2019 is the Slingshot Nomad.  Benefits include slower planing speeds, decreased line tension and more stability meaning you can enjoy longer rides and bigger smiles.

Slingshot Nomad

Another customer favourite is the Liquid Force Classic. The mellow 3 stage rocker helps you go big off the wake while the spiral V mid-section displaces the water for soft landings. The lifted variable edge and quad vented channels at the tips give you optimal response and control.

Liquid Force Classic

Not forgetting cable wakeboards, the Slingshot Valley is 'a badass park board for a badass chick' and new for 2019. This EXTREMELY durable wakeboard allows fast riding for longer sessions. Its magical flex pattern guarantees you’ll be pressing harder and longer than the rest.

Something completely different, the Liquid Force Noodle Wakeboard benefits from an asymmetric sidecut. This gives you a defined toe and heel sidecut allowing you to drive and initiate turns from your feet rather than a rail. This helps to create a shorter, quicker turning radius.


Cable Wakeboards


Thinking about learning to wakeboard?

Our Wakeboarding for Beginners guide has all the information you need to get started wakeboarding. Whether you choose cable wakeboarding or boat wakeboarding we've got you covered. Not sure which you'd prefer? Read on...

When you think wakeboarding, most people think boat riding - taking turns getting a pull on a rope attached to the back, hit the wake and have a blast. Alternatively, a cable is a fixed system on a small body of water. Like a lift at a ski resort, a cable has a rotating wire that attaches to individual pull points. The cable gives each rider a moving handle and pulls them along the water.

Although cable wakeboarding can let you enjoy the thrills of wakeboarding at the same time as your friends, the reality is there aren't always cable parks near to you. Check out this interesting read by Red Bull to see if you're near to one of the UK's top wakeboarding parks.

Great beginner wakeboards for cable wakeboarding are the range of Slingshot Terrain. This year's 2019 is already proving popular and there are big savings on the 2018 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard and Slingshot Gunn Terrain Wakeboard.

Slingshot Terrain Cable Wakeboards

Considering learning how to wakeboard behind a boat? Then we recommend the Slingshot Nomad or Liquid Force Classic (check them out at the start of this post). If you'd prefer a lower price point then the Liquid Force Omega is an excellent beginner board due to its 3 stage rocker and moulded-in side fins which enhance stability and edge grip.

Liquid Force Omega Wakeboard

Maybe you'd prefer a crossover wakeboard? Designed for riders who would prefer one board for both cable and boat wakeboarding, these boards generally have a blend of the base and flex profiles. Here at Wave and Wake we have a variety of Slingshot and Liquid Force cross over wakeboards ideal to get you up on the water.


Don't forget to check out our Wakeboard Sale for huge savings on clearance wakeboards and wakeboard bindings.

Wakeboard Sale
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