Shinn Kiteboards - 8 Years of the Shinn Monk!

On the eve of the 8th Edition of the Shinn Monk Kiteboard, we look at why this has become an iconic board within the kiteboarding industry!

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This week will see the release of the 2018 Shinn Monk, along with a couple of other Shinn Kiteboard models, such as the Ronson, Monkette and ADHD.

For many years, Mark Shinn has focused his efforts in producing only kiteboards.  This dedication to one particular product has to stand his customers in good stead when considering a new Shinn kiteboard purchase.  Years of specialist development without the distraction of producing other product ranges, has led Shinn to producing some of the best kiteboards on the market.

Shinn Monk 2017 Kiteboards

In the UK, we've been on the search for a board that handles our choppy, messy conditions which would be typical in many of the UK kitesurfing spots around the country.  This is where the Monk has excelled over the years.  It's medium flex irons out chop like nothing else.  This would usually be at the detriment of other boards riding characteristics.  Fear not!  Usually when looking at a soft to medium flex board, you can lose that competitive edge needed when really loading up, the Monk seems to handle this extremely well.  Obviously, it's not a pure wake or freeride specialist, but for the vast majority of us, it really is a genuine all-rounder.

Cruise, and the Monk cruises too, easy on the knees.  Ride hard and the board comes to life! Load up to boost, pop, unhook...whatever you throw at this board it won't disappoint for 90% of riders.  From beginner to advanced freeriders and for many freestylers, it would be difficult to look past the Monk, only those unhooking most of the time might look for something a little more aggressive....think Shinn Ronson!

Shinn Kiteboarding have a neat product range of twintip kiteboards to suit any rider.  It's a popular saying...'Once on a Shinn, always on a Shinn'.  It's almost a cult-like following once you're on a Shinn board, and most riders never look to any other brand for their twintip needs.

Looking forward to 2018, we can't wait to reveal the new Shinn Monk!

For those looking for a rare deal, we have some limited 2017 stock clearance.  A discounted Shinn board is about as had to find as a second hand one!  Be quick!

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