Need the Perfect Package to Start Foiling?

The foiling revolution is here.

Are you thinking that you would like to start foiling? Learning how to ride a foil board is something that plenty of kitesurfers and wakeboarders have always wanted to do. The struggle seems to be knowing how to get started.

Slingshot Foil

Still a fairly new discipline to the watersport world, kitesurf foiling and wakeboard foiling lessons aren't always the easiest to come by.  At Wave and Wake, not only do we get queries about learning how to foil, we're often asked what equipment is needed to get started. While there is second hand foiling equipment out there, our advice would be to reconsider. We don't doubt that it has been well loved, however, older second hand gear can have a number of disadvantages;

  • Can have dated design for the shape and size of wings and masts
  • Older development technology and systems are unlikely to be modular. Subsequently as you progress and become more competent at foiling you may need a entirely new foil (rather than upgrading the mast or wing seperately and at a lower cost).
  • Older equipment can result in learning being more time consuming (and if you're taking lessons, more costly).

At Wave and Wake we believe it's worth investing a little more to succeed faster! We're also realistic that foiling is a more challenging sport to learn and can have higher setup costs. With that in mind we've put together a variety of foiling packages that include the equipment you need to get started. We've tried to break down the barriers to entry with our foiling packages. These combinations deliver products that are easier to use and offer great value without compromising on quality and performance.

Start Foiling -  Affordable Foil Package

This kitesurf foiling package is ideal for those looking for top of the range equipment but at a lower, affordable price to the 2019 kit. The best selling Shinn Jackson kitesurfing foil board coupled with the Airush Core Foil, is a superb set up for all foiling abilities.

Start Foiling - Affordable Package

For beginners we recommend choosing the options that will encourage the easiest progression. We recommend the 60cm mast with the larger front wing. Foiling can be difficult to master but these options will help you progress faster. Once past the beginner stage and foiling competently, you can add a larger mast for little cost. A spare mast is usually around £80-£120.

The entire system is modular, allowing easy and simple replacement of parts.

  • Check out all the spares, foil wings etc here.
  • Other mast height alternatives are here.

For intermediate/advanced foilers, fine tune your set-up, select your front wing and front wing to suit your ability and style preferences.

Start Foiling - 'Easiest to Learn' Beginner Foil Package

This Shinn kitesurf foiling package is for those learners looking for top of the range equipment, but at a mid price point without compromising on quality.

Start Foiling Beginner Packages

While this beginner foil package also features the Shinn Jackson foil board, we've changed the foil to include the Shinn P-Foil. This is the easiest to learn beginners foil on the market today! Available with a wide variety of mast lengths - for progression at all levels (40, 60, 75 and 90 cm) -  you can also be sure your investment is not short lived. The foil structure features full modular compatibility with all other wings and stabilisers in the Shinn range. This allows fast and cost-effective performance upgrades if and when you are ready for more.

Start Foiling -  Premium Foil Package

This Slingshot Foil Package combines the Alien Air foilboard and Hover Glide FKite - a formidable foiling duo!

Start Foiling Premium Package

The Alien Air is so user-friendly and forgiving that it is a timeless choice for playful tricks and transitions and  jumping.

The 2019 Hover Glide FKite package is equipped with the Space Skate (H4) front wing instead of the H5 wing. The H5 was (and is) a great all-around wing, and the H4 is the obvious evolution for the FKite package. This is one of the most versatile foils in the Slingshot line. Its size and surface area provide the lift and stability needed for learning, progression, tricks and transitions.

Still not sure which foil  is right for you? Or which foil package will get you started? Don't forget to try our exclusive online foil selector. Prefer to talk to someone? Give us a shout - we love to help.

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