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At Wave and Wake our commitment is to bring your the world's premium watersport brands. We're confident you're going to love the slick Moses Hydrofoil!

Introducing Moses Hydrofoil!

With 10 years know-how in hydrofoil and 25 years in advanced composite materials, Moses Hydrofoil offers a complete selection of hydrofoil equipment for riders all over the world. 100% made in Italy.

Moses Hydrofoil

Moses Hydrofoil - Onda 61

The brand not only boasts complete hydrofoils but also offers windfoils, foil boards and various components.for you to enjoy that Walk on Water experience! Take the Onda 61 for example - the ideal balance between speed and lift. There are many wings in the market that generate a good lift but none of them has the 633 top end speed. The inverted gull wing shape and its concave bottom allows the fastest turns you have ever experienced.


Moses Hydrofoil - Comet 111

Alternatively, if kitesurf foiling is your thing, burn through the water on the Comet 111. Full high modulus carbon, the Moses engineers designed the Comet with the goal to deliver the fastest performance in terms of speed, low drag and consequently upwind ability in order to provide a stable and easy control ride.

Moses Comet 111

The Moses Hydrofoil collection also features a variety of foil boards including:

View the full collection here. Don't forget, we love to help! If you're not sure which hydrofoil or board is best for you (or you want to talk anything kitesurfing, wakeboarding, SUP or foiling) just get in touch!

Moses Foil Boards
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