Which Kitesurfing Kite?

Deciding on the right Kitesurfing kite is critical to allow safe and enjoyable session and let you progress in the sport of kiteboarding. Check out our guide to help you make the decision that is right for you!

Our guide to choosing a Kitesurfing Kite!

F-One Bandit Kites 2018

On choosing your kitesurfing kite, we are going to focus on the main consideration - your ability!

It is important to be realistic and honest, as this will lead you to the best choice of kitesurfing kite, and you'll ultimately gain the most enjoyment from kiteboarding.

Your Ability

There are three main classifications, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  It is critical to determine where you fit within these categories, but also consider where you want to get to in the near future.


For instance, we generally deter customers from buying out-and-out beginner kitesurfing kites. During this stage of progression, you improve quickly. Ultimately you can outgrow the kitesurfing kite you have just spent a lot of money on.  Rather than looking for a beginner kite, we recommend looking for a kite that is appropriate for beginners (whilst giving you the performance as you improve).  Of course there are plenty of instances where beginner kites are appropriate.  If you are happy to cruise and don't have any real ambition to be the next Aaron Hadlow, that's great, there are brilliant beginner kitesurfing kites out there for you, with the added bonus of price, as these tend to be a bit cheaper.


This is a very broad category, and will most likely cover 90% of kitesurfers.  Again, be realistic as to where you fit in the intermediate category, as there will be some very good intermediates who can ride pretty advanced kitesurfing kites, whereas plenty of intermediates might be better suited to something more mid-range.


Ok, you're unhooking for most of your sessions, or strapless riding in well over head height waves, you'll probably know exactly what you want already!

Kite Selector Chart

We have put together a chart of our best selling kitesurfing kites:

kitesurfing kite selector

This is meant as a simple guide to help you make your decision on buying the right kitesurfing kite.  Kites are positioned not necessarily as they are designed, but in a position that makes them appropriate for that area of the graph.  For example, the North Rebel is ridden by many great intermediate and advanced riders, but it's still appropriate for beginners. The same goes for the North Neo!

As a beginner,  anything on or below the blue horizontal line will work for you. Left and right of the orange vertical line is an indication on how the kite is designed to perform.  For superb all-round performance try the Slingshot Rally, North Evo or F-One Bandit. For intermediate and advanced riding, we would recommend the top level North Vegas and Slingshot Fuel.

The North Neo is a tricky one to place, as it's a brilliant kite for advanced wave riding. It is however, a great freeride beginner kite.

Hopefully this guide will help you narrow down your kitesurfing kite choices!

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