Are You Looking For Kitesurf Lessons?

Are you considering a new sport this New Year?

Thinking about kitesurf lessons? Read on to find out why we think they're important.

Kitesurfing (or kiteboarding as it is also known) is an action sport you can get involve in extreme situations where you have to apply all the knowledge of wind, body position, kite control, security systems, etc. It's advisable that you know all the rules and safety techniques of kitesurfing before starting to navigate on your own. We recommend kitesurf lessons with an accredited instructor.

We’ve considered 2 other reasons that kitesurf lessons would be beneficial for you:

Safety reasons

Learning how to kitesurf from an accredited instructor will help to ensure not just for your own safety, but also the safety of other riders and water users. Kitesurfing should not be underestimated. By taking professional lessons you will learn the techniques of kite safety, principles of wind and the necessary conditions to start riding without accidents.

Faster, more enhanced learning experience

When you take kitesurf lessons with a certified instructor, you will enjoy learning the sport faster than if you tried to do it alone.


Enjoy Kitesurf Lessons through Wave and Wake’s Kitesurf School Partner

Are you looking for local kitesurf lessons? Wave and Wake are proud to announce their partnership with local kitesurf school The Kitesurf Academy. From learning the basics to taster sessions, The Kitesurf Academy is here to suit your needs.

Kitesurf lessons

Based in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, The Kitesurf Academy (TKA) is a fully qualified kitesurfing school boasting well experienced instructors. The Kitesurf Academy offers IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) accredited kitesurfing courses that cater to all learner abilities and needs. The head instructor boasts over 270 hours student training hours and 40 hours assistant instructor training.

Safety and learner experience are top priorities for the team.  Here at Wave & Wake we’re firm believers that time spent on the water helps evoke loads of different feelings and that the true health benefits – both physically & mentally – are underrated.

Don't put off getting out on the water- for more information check them out online or email [email protected]

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