Introducing the NEW Shinn Ronson Player 2019

All you need to know about the NEW Shinn Ronson Player 2019.

Shinn Ronson Player 2019

"Isn't it beautiful? It's a bit special on the water, too." That was the first line of the new Shinn Ronson 2019 test in Kiteworld Magazine. 

Shinn Ronson Player 2019

And we wholeheartedly agree! Throughout our years in the industry we've haven't read a review that overflows with such enthusiasm for a kiteboard and the sport.

We were like kids at Christmas when the latest addition to the Shinn kiteboard family arrived at Wave & Wake HQ. The Shinn Ronson Player 2019 has already been making waves with industry experts and customers alike. Radical POP, amazing grip and outstanding control the new Shinn Ronson fulfils your demands as a dynamic kiteboarder not willing to be limited by conditions or riding style.  Never before have Shinn created a board that bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride so effortlessly. Enjoy some extracts from Kiteworld Magazine's recent test review. We know you're going to love it!

Shinn Ronson Player 2019 Review

"If you already have a Ronson, sorry, this one is amazing. It edges without you even having to think about it and when we were faced with a really powerful strong conditions, the progressive edge of the Shinn Ronson Player 2019 really helped us manage the performance and squeeze a few more knots of wind speed comfort from the session."

"On the water the Player is fast, not rocketship fast, but faster than before. What makes the Shinn Ronson Player such a standout is the flex. When you initially stand on the board on the beach with your feet in the straps and do that rocking back and forth thing to the test the flex you think, 'Ooh that's quite flexy. Is it going to be slow though?' Well it's not because there's enough stiffness in the middle to make it go really well."


"Excellent suspension and no chatter;just cleanly carving through the water. We knew it would be comfortable because Shinns always are. However that renowned comfort and riding position is combined with super-progressive control and enough speed to keep anyone happy. Every now and again we come across boards with really nice flex like this and it can do so much for riding because you can hold a clean and efficient edge in strong conditions. You're always in optimum shred position. When it's bumpy you never slide out, the board just absorbs those hard bumps and gusts. The softness at the back feels like the board is always doing the work for you."

"So whether you're holding down a kite in strong wind or generating energy to pop over a wave; the Ronson is brilliant for all that. You can be aggressive with the board but your edging will still feel smooth.If you try too hard on a stiff board you can lose control. This has loads of control at high speed. You're never let down by the grip and always racing forward....just watch the front of the board almost telepathically and somehow let you off a few sure fire wipeouts. The Ronson Player seems to have this incredible way of reacting to water. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to use this board, especially if you ride on the open ocean a lot."

Shinn Ronson Player 2019 Review| A Summary

"Truly an instant classic and it's not every day that we get to review boards like this. For the intermediate and above freeride market, the Ronson Player is fantastic. There's this lovely feel of the board working for you whatever you're doing, but especially when you're engaging the progressive rail for carving or taking off. There's infinite control all the way through the board's range."

Shinn Ronson 2019 Kiteboard in air with kitesurfer

Shinn Ronson Player Customer Reviews

  • "Love my new 2019 Ronson board! I wanted something that worked well for my intermediate ability and all round style, really is a joy to ride."
  • "Looks ace. Better built than my previous Shinn"
  • "Awesome new board from Shinn. The Ronson Player is quite light, but not super light with fairly thin, sporty rails.

More New 2019 Arrivals from Shinn

Aside from the Shinn Ronson Player 2019, there are two totally new additions to the collection.  New for 2019, the BRONQ BACKSPACER 2019 TWINTIP BOARD delivers high performance freestyle. Top of many riders “most wanted” list, the Bronq Backspacer was developed with one focus in mind – un-rivalled, plush riding enjoyment.

Shinn Bronq Back Spacer Twintip

For 2019, Shinn aim to close the gap between beginner and performance foil with the new SHINN K2 FOIL - the first carbon foil from Shinn. It's two years since the Shinn Model P foil hit the market and revolutionised learning to foil. Inheriting the ease of use, early starting and intuitive pitch control from the legendary Model P the all new K2 has an abundance of confidence inspiring stability and control that allows the rider to comfortably handle power and reach speeds that seemed impossible before.

Shinn K2 Foil

With all these awesome new arrivals, there's nothing stopping you from hitting the water!

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