F-One Kites - New Linx 2018 Bar!

F-One have totally overhauled their control bar for 2018, meet the F-One Linx 2018 Bar!

F-One Linx Bar 2018

Introducing the F-One Linx Bar 2018


Virtually everything! - F-One have really beefed up their new Linx Bar 2018.  It even look's much more solid, much chunkier floats, adjustable bar width and a new safety line set-up.  F-One have done a total overhaul on their trusted Monolith bars pre 2018.


Basically yes, the F-One Linx 2018 is adjustable from 45cm to 52cm, so one bar can be width tuned to suit your full Bandit Kite quiver for instance.

F-One Linx 2018


This is one of the biggest changes for the Linx 2018 Bar.  F-One had previously stuck to their double front line safety system which is pretty old school these days.  It is generally accepted that a single line flag out set-up is safer, and most of the industry as gone to that system.


The only drawback of them developing a new bar would be the inevitable price increase.  RRP on last years bars were £375, this has jumped to £450 for the new Linx 2018 Bar.  However, it is safer, so it's money well spent in our opinion.


Just what F-One needed, for instance, the Bandit is a brilliant all round kite for all abilities, their updated bar and safety system now puts them firmly up there with the best!

For more information on the F-One Linx Bar 2018, click the image below:

f-one kites line bar 2018

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