Beginner Foil Package Review | Our Top Two Packages

A review of our top two beginner foil packages for 2019

Following our hugely popular post on the perfect packages to start foiling, we thought you would enjoy our beginner foil package review. Our own account and review on both beginner foil package setups.

As you may know we are currently completing our 8 Hour Foil Challenge (more on that to follow…) but you can watch the progress here. Two of our newbie foilers are learning on each of our beginner packages so enjoy our insights and feedback on both and how they perform on the water.


Review of Shinn Jackson Board & Shinn P Foil

This Shinn kitesurf foiling package is for those learners looking for top of the range equipment, but at a mid price point without compromising on quality. This beginner foil package features the Shinn Jackson foil board & Shinn P-Foil. This is the easiest to learn beginners foil on the market today! Available with a wide variety of mast lengths - for progression at all levels (40, 60, 75 and 90 cm) -  you can also be sure your investment is not short lived. The foil structure features full modular compatibility with all other wings and stabilisers in the Shinn range. This allows fast and cost-effective performance upgrades if and when you are ready for more.

Along with the team at The Kitesurf Academy, this is our top recommended foil package for beginners and what we use to teach with.

Beginner Foil Package Review Jackson Board and Shinn Foil


  • It is the easiest setup in terms of front foil. The P Foil is renowned in the industry for having you kite foiling in the fastest time.
  • It's bomb proof (well not literally!). The setup is extremely sturdy, durable and fairly indestructible.
  • Provides stable and easy learning experience allowing beginner kite foilers consistency.
  • Allows ease of progression and once you're comfortable with more speed, competently jibing and perhaps learning your first tacks, you might consider adding the new Shinn K2 wing to your setup!


  • Slightly more expensive than our other beginner foil packages.
  • The Shinn P Foil is heavier than the Airush Core foil as it is carbon reinforced.

Review of Shinn Jackson Foil Board & Airush Core Foil

This kitesurf foiling package is ideal for those looking for top of the range equipment but at a lower, affordable price to the 2019 kit. The best selling Shinn Jackson kitesurfing foil board coupled with the Airush Core Foil, is a superb set up for all foiling abilities.

Foilng Beginner Shinn Jackson Board & Airush Core Foil


  • It is the most affordable beginner kite foiling package that we offer, however, don't feel that lower price means compromised quality.
  • Offers excellent value for money as the wings are pre-preg carbon, a higher grade material.


  • Albeit a great setup and straight forward way to learn, it's not just as easy as the Shinn P foil.

Ideal Weather Conditions for Learning to Foil

For your first 3-4 sessions you don't want super light winds as it becomes harder to control the kite. Ideally, you want 12-14 knots. So, for the average male rider, the bottom end of your wind range, with a 11-12m kite.

Note: Once you are foiling consistently and quickly, you will eventually only need up to a 10m kite for these conditions, as new found speed creates a lot of apparent wind!

Kite Foiling Progression

As you become a more competent kite foiler, and  strive for progression, you will step up in mast length. So for example, on sessions 1-2 you will ride a smaller mast (typically 60cm); from session 3+ you might ride a mid mast (75cm) with ultimate progression onto a larger mast (90cm) when you're consistently foiling.

Ultimately both setups are ideal for learning to foil and with either package you should be consistently and confidently foiling within 8 hours.

Thinking about starting foiling? Check out our Foiling Beginner Buying Guide for some top tips.


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