Slingshot Rally v F-One Bandit Kite - Which?

In search for the best value all-round kitesurfing kite? We examine two of the best to see which suits you!

We are all in search of the best kitesurfing kite at the best price.  Here we look at two of the biggest premium brands and their lead all-round kite models.  Albeit these kites are suitable for all abilities and virtually all styles, there are subtle differences in their characteristics which will help you choose which is better for you.

Slingshot Rally 2017 Kite v F-One Bandit X 2017 Kite

Slingshot Rally F-One Bandit X

Bandit X Kite - How does it handle?

Let's look at the Bandit X Kite first.  It is definitely less pure 'Delta' than the Rally, but that in no way means it is too advanced for a beginner rider, far from it.  The Bandit Kite is nimble and fast, light on the bar and perhaps a little more direct than the Rally.  This makes it unhook well, which would be the only downfall of the Rally, this is the only major difference in the riding style of these two kites.

The Bandit excels at it's top end, this is where the kite really comes to life, we'll be honest and say the bottom end grunt of the Bandit isn't fantastic, but if you are after power, just go up one size on your quiver, especially if you're a heavier rider.

The Bandit kite loves to kiteloop, great lift for jumping and decent hang time, fast, nimble and sporty.

F-One Bandit X 2017

F-One Bandit X 2017 Kite

Bandit X 2017 - Price?

Take a 12m as an example to compare to the Rally, the Bandit X 12m kite only will set you back £1,270 at full RRP, but we're now at season clearance, so this comes down to £945.  The really good thing with the Bandit is the second hand value when you come to sell it on, the market is competitive for these which keeps second hand prices healthy.

Slingshot Rally 2017 Kite - How does it handle?

The Rally in essence fits into the same kite design category, but does have some different flying and handling characteristics.  They would be slightly heavier on the bar than the Bandit, and overall be a more powerful kite if we were to compare equal sizes.  It wouldn't be as nimble in the sky as the Bandit, which some riders will like.  Albeit it feels like it has more power, it's tamer in terms of kite speed which can suit some styles of riding better.

Rally's love to boost, and they go big with ease!  Timing would not have to be as accurate compared to the Bandit on take-off to get decent height.  Hang time is superb and landings are nice and controlled if your timing is generally correct.  Old school big air is where this kite really excels, think board-offs as opposed to kiteloops.

Slingshot Rally 2017

Slingshot Rally 2017 Kite

Slingshot Rally 2017 - Price?

A 12m would set you back £1,180 at full RRP, but again the product cycles line up with the Bandit and with clearance discount, you can pick one up for £879, so a fraction cheaper than the Bandit X.

In summary

Both kites de-power very well, both re-launch easily and both are premium brands with excellent re-sale value.  Wether you are a complete beginner or advanced rider, one of these kites will suit you depending on your preferred riding style.

Choose the Bandit X for...

A sportier feel, faster steering and an ambitious riding style no matter your ability!  If you want to kiteloop, this is your kite.

F-One Bandit X 2017 Kite Sale

F-One Bandit Sale - Shop Now!

Choose the Rally for...

Power and control, boost big with ease.  Solid, predictable and will have you off the beach first!

Slingshot Rally 2017 kite sale

Slingshot Rally Sale - Shop Now!




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